Earlier this month without nearly the grandiose fanfare or market madness of Gartner Magic Quadrant releases, the Gartner Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms Report 2018 was quietly unveiled. Critical Capabilities ranks vendor capabilities by use case. This report should be the one getting referenced in technical solution reviews to understand feature / function / use case strengths and weaknesses. The Magic Quadrant reports measure a wide variety of vision, marketing, partner ecosystem, community and other non-feature / functional elements as described in previous articles.

Critical Capabilities is a feature / function / use case reality check.

Notably, the three Magic Quadrant Leaders except Tableau were ranked near the middle in all use cases. MicroStrategy, Birst, Sisense, TIBCO, YellowFin, Salesforce, SAS and a few other players excelled above the rest with high scores on this report. These results are a bit refreshing to see. Gartner Critical Capabilities scores seem to better align with Forrester’s rankings of Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms and also my own understanding of several top offerings. I admit that I was surprised by these results. I was rarely – if ever – asked about several of the top scoring vendors over the past three years.

Critical Capabilities is a “must read”. Don’t let a lack of marketing rah rah undermine the true value of this report.

About Gartner Critical Capabilities

The Gartner Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence report is a companion report to their better known Magic Quadrant publication. Critical Capabilities leverages customer survey data and analyst insights to evaluate vendors’ products for 15 critical capabilities across 5 use cases.

  1. Agile, Centralized BI Provisioning
  2. Decentralized Analytics
  3. Governed Data Discovery
  4. OEM or Embedded BI
  5. Extranet Deployment

I’d share the images of Critical Capabilities results but the Gartner police will not allow it since it takes web traffic and referrals away from vendors paying for reprint rights. Since I send too many referrals, I am no longer “under the radar” per se.

To get a free copy of this report, you can download it from MicroStrategy’s site.

My Perspective on Critical Capabilities

In my mind, Gartner Critical Capabilities is the key report to read to understand the vendor technical breadth, depth, and maturity in this space. I adore the authors of this one and know they used to be diligent in testing some of these solutions when I worked with them in the past.

In my mind, Critical Capabilities is the key report to read to understand vendor technical breadth, depth, and maturity.

I’d love to discuss more thoughts with you on the specific vendor rankings in this report like I do for Gartner’s Magic Quadrant each year. I have been waiting a few weeks to write something up and simply can’t find any free time to do it. I am way too slammed this month creating cool new content and demos in a classic “feast & famine wave”. Next month I’ll be traveling every week to different industry events in Washington, DC, Atlanta, New York City and Rome, Italy. If you are in the area, please join me. I’ll be showcasing exciting, brand new automated and augmented analytics innovations.

Feast or Famine

Source: 7Stages.com

Between a lingering cold and total exhaustion from peak seasonal event scheduling, I have no energy left to analyze the analysts today. If you are interested in talking to me about a specific vendor in this report or the ratings, let’s schedule a billable call in July or August when things usually slow down.

Update June 8: Gartner posted another article about this topic that I highly recommend reading. See Bamboozled by the Analytics and BI MQ? Four Things To Do by Cindi Howson