Due to growing data volumes and increased analytics complexity, today’s most successful organizations have adopted next era analytics that combine the beauty of the human mind with the amazing capability of machine assisted insights. Analytics automation is not intended to replace human expertise. It is designed to expedite findings while freeing humans from tedious, time-wasting tasks. Early adopters tout unprecedented speed to insight and enhanced competitive advantage.

Advances in automated assisted insights can help every organization become more efficient, make better informed decisions, and compete more effectively. In this article, and in an upcoming webinar, we will explore how innovative analytics vendor Yellowfin automates insight discovery and operationalizes machine learning to empower the masses. While other solutions can tell you what happened, Yellowfin helps people get to why significantly faster.

YellowFin Webinar

Introducing Yellowfin

Founded in 2003, Yellowfin is a global business intelligence and analytics platform dedicated to solving real enterprise analytics challenges, and helping business people understand not only what happened, but why. It was designed from the ground up to be an end-to-end enterprise solution that scales sharing smart, collaborative insights in a responsible, governed manner in real-time.


 Notably Yellowfin cites user adoption rates that are twice the industry average. Their highly intuitive, web-based platform has been showcased in numerous Gartner Magic Quadrants, Forrester Waves, and is consistently scored as a leader in the BI Survey from BARC. They are also a recognized leader in the embedded analytics market.

Over three million users from more than 25,000 organizations across 75 different countries use Yellowfin every day

Assisted Insights and Democratized Data Science

In the latest 7.4 release, Yellowfin has truly delivered on the promise of next era analytics. They have elegantly integrated machine assisted insights that can be guided by human expertise. Answers to complex questions across an enterprise can be found now in minutes versus days.


Yellowfin has also democratized data science within the workflow of everyday analytics. Rather than rely exclusively on out-of-the-box models, all Yellowfin users can apply knowledge gained from custom predictive models developed in Python, R, H2O.ai, SAS, SPSS or other industry standard PMML platforms with a simple button-click.

YellowFin Data Science

Yellowfin’s assisted insights and operationalized machine learning enables anyone to automatically create charts with natural language descriptions and interactively explore more. It expedites discovering relationships, understanding hidden patterns or detecting trends in data that might otherwise never be found. Essentially, Yellowfin finds the signal in the noise.

Insights from advanced algorithms are as simple as a button-click in Yellowfin

Yellowfin helps analysts create informative, actionable personalized dashboards with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop browser interface. Self-service users can:

  • Quickly prepare data for reuse
  • Find answers fast with smart algorithms and assisted data discovery
  • Customize look and feel of reports and dashboards
  • Create attractive infographics
  • Create compelling live-data presentations

For data artisans, dashboards, storyboards and infographics can be designed to deliver compelling stories with data that combine interactive media, images, custom text, unlimited data visualization possibilities. Yellowfin supports custom JavaScript visualizations from D3, Plotly, Chart, C3, and other popular libraries. All users can proactively monitor key metrics with alerts or apply algorithms to optimize the business and deliver actionable insights to your stakeholders.

How it Works

Depending on the question, Yellowfin runs regression, clustering, pattern discovery and anomaly detection. Using a unique persona-based experience, data analysts can run automated assisted data discovery, data scientists can plug in custom machine learning models, and all users can get instant, rapid answers with automated visualization, smart visualization, set analysis, natural language narratives and ranked insights.

For data-savvy pros, advanced analytical functions are available for use within reports and widget-based data transformations. The Yellowfin platform also provides an open framework for adding extensions, open source APIs or delivering Data Science as a Service (DSaaS).

Solution Architecture

Customers can deploy on-premises or in the cloud with AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform using Docker, Heroku, or other containerized application servers such as WebSphere, OAS, and WildFly. Yellowfin can also be deployed as white-labeled dashboards, or embedded into apps using either JavaScript API, iFrame, or Web Services. Cutting-edge multi-tenant and single-sign-on capabilities are supported. The Yellowfin platform is Unicode-enabled supporting English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Simplified Chinese languages.

One of Yellowfin’s key advantages is their mature meta-data layer that makes it easy for anyone to reuse prepared data for analysis. With a shared enterprise meta-data layer, IT departments and BI professionals can securely govern data access and analytical content while providing self-service users a reliable single source of the truth.


Yellowfin supports connections to files, relational databases, OLAP cubes, Hadoop, NoSQL, API data sources and numerous data science platforms. The comprehensive, end-to-end Yellowfin web user experience also includes rich data transformations and workflows. Non-technical users can quickly connect, transform, blend, and enrich data with visual drag-and-drop components – no coding required.

Non-proprietary data engine can be used by multiple business applications

The web-based design enhances data security by reducing the need to move data or use third-party desktop apps across the entire analytics life-cycle. Furthermore, Yellowfin’s non-proprietary data engine format can be used by multiple business applications. Unlike other vendors, Yellowfin does not trap your analytics into a proprietary format. This allows organizations to maximize the value from their Yellowfin investment and eases enterprise-wide adoption.

For More Information

Analytics and data science communities have been discussing the merits of analytics and machine learning automation for a long time. The unification of these two fields has happened. The next wave of analytics is here. The future is now.

If you’d like to learn more about next era analytics, please join our upcoming webinar. Alternatively, you can reach out to Yellowfin directly for a demo.