Analytics pros, that are also gadget fans, can become an outlier in the global talent pool by learning how to architect an intelligent digital business with automated embedded artificial intelligence. Three of the coolest, most formidable digital transformation technology trends are 1) automation, 2) artificial intelligence and 3) intelligent things. Combine all three together and you can literally thrive in a blue ocean of untapped opportunities to develop new revenue streams, deepen engagement with customers, reduce inefficiencies, and compete more effectively.

Intelligent things are not only a vital data source for analysis – they can also be trained to make decisions with automated embedded artificial intelligence. To explore this up-and-coming area of our profession, please join Tellmeplus Chief Product Officer, Loïc Linais, and me and in a webinar on November 16, 2017 at 11AM ET.


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Analytics in the Intelligent Digital Business

Next generation artificial intelligence solutions are an agent of change that work with and adapt to people or situations. Thanks to the use of symbolic algorithms, automated artificial intelligence is no longer an intimidating black-box. It does not operate in isolation – it works with us to explain and make recommendations in understandable human language.

Historically building smart systems required sophisticated embedded programming and networking skills. With recent innovations in devices, chips and automated machine learning platforms, these projects are now far easier to develop and deploy. As the Internet of Things (IoT) evolution progresses, more organizations have started piloting powerful embedded analytics in connected digital platforms to expedite the speed and accuracy of decision-making. Automated artificial intelligence is changing analytics processes.

Automated artificial intelligence is changing analytics processes.

Automated Artificial Intelligence for the Business

Unlike traditional data warehousing, visualization and self-service BI approaches that relied on slow, manual processes and human interpretation by technical experts, automated artificial intelligence closes the loop between information, insights, actions and outcomes. Early adopters tout unprecedented speed to insight and enhanced competitive advantage.

State-of-the-art solutions automatically prepare and cleanse data, perform feature engineering, find key insights and hidden patterns. Automated artificial intelligence also empowers organizations to easily experiment and adapt to change – fail fast, learn fast. Ideas and hypothesis can be efficiently tested and continuously evaluated.

Successful automated artificial intelligence practitioners cite the following benefits:

  • Saves time: Artificial intelligence can search and analyze billions of data combinations in no time to find insights.
  • Improves accuracy: Artificial intelligence applies statistical significance, uncertainty and risk model estimates that manual reports might not consider.
  • Reveals hidden patterns: Artificial intelligence often finds hidden patterns and weak signals that a human might never detect using manual approaches.
  • Reduces bias: Artificial intelligence helps minimize potential analytics bias since insights are purely data-driven. Manual data analysis is prone to interpretation, unconscious and conscious bias, political, personal and other motivations that can skew analysis.
  • Optimizes outcomes: Provides prescriptive, actionable guidance. 

Introducing Tellmeplus

Tellmeplus Predictive Objects is an award-winning automated embedded artificial intelligence platform with impressive case studies as GE Predix. Based on a patented meta active machine learning technology, it automates the creation and deployment of predictive models. Tellmeplus aids human experts in a wide variety of domains ranging from customer service to asset intelligence.

Tellmeplus deploys artificial intelligence where decisions need to be made: at the edge of the network and in the connected objects. Meta Active Machine Learning shares acquired wisdom. It empowers smart things that are the core of an intelligent digital business


Tellmeplus Predictive Objects can be installed and run anywhere: inside applications, connected objects or machines, at the edge of the network, in industrial IoT platforms, in public or private clouds – bringing artificial intelligence to the business. It facilitates use of artificial intelligence across all layers and can be used by non-technical users.

Bundled as microservices, Tellmeplus Predictive Objects offer unique deployment flexibility to “deploy and run anywhere”. You do not need to purchase extra computing platform or infrastructure. You can maximize the value of your preferred cloud provider, edge network or on-premises infrastructure.


Alternatively, you could use an IoT platform such as GE Predix, Cisco Fog Director, or Google Cloud IoT Core to benefit from Tellmeplus predictive services directly embedded inside these solutions. No matter the platform, Tellmeplus enables rapid, one-click deployment with no coding effort.

Tellmeplus enables rapid, one-click deployment with no coding effort.

GE Predix

GE Predix

Source: GE

GE Predix is the world’s first and only platform built for industry, helping GE’s customers to increase the productivity of their operations and create new opportunities for business innovation. GE Predix can run on a variety of devices and form factors – from sensors and controllers to gateways, server appliances and the cloud – making GE Predix a distributed system for the Industrial Internet and a complete “edge-to-cloud” offering. Predictive Objects help industrial customers leverage industrial data sets and deploy predictive models that use this data right inside GE Predix – enabling predictive maintenance or optimizing industrial processes.

“Analytics in an Industrial IoT environment requires real-time processing of large event flows and data volumes, assisted by robust Machine Learning,” said Benoit Gourdon, CEO of Tellmeplus. “Predictive Objects will help enterprises to manage predictive maintenance of their equipment, or to optimize their industrial processes. In a few clicks, customers will have access to the automated creation of predictive models for their industrial assets.”

For More Information

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