Automated machine learning is an ideal innovation for business intelligence and analytics professionals to advance their careers. You don’t need to be a data scientist to get immediate predictive insights and business value. If you use tools like Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire or Excel, understand your business and have data, you can easily make the move to machine learning with automation to advance your career in one of the fastest growing, most exciting areas of analytics today.

Data Science Demand

Do Not Fear Automation – Embrace It

Automated machine learning is powering a new generation of augmented analytics technologies that supplement the human mind across the entire analytics life-cycle. Where business intelligence and visual analytics allow you to see and summarize what happened in the past, automated machine learning is the key to successfully navigating the future.

I know there is skepticism when it comes to automation. My advice – don’t ignore, fear or resist these advances in our profession. Embrace the opportunity to learn how to properly use these innovations to extract and deliver more value from your data assets.

To learn more about automated machine learning and see it in action, please join DataRobot and me in an upcoming webinar. I’ll be sharing tips on how you can make the leap from BI into this exciting, rapidly growing area of data science.



Transformational Impacts

Early adopters of automated machine learning tout unprecedented speed to insight and enhanced competitive advantage. During the Gartner Symposium 2017 event keynote, Gartner predicted in 2021, augmentation will create $2.9 trillion dollars of business value and $6.2 billion hours of worker productivity. They also estimate augmented analytics delivers twice the business value of existing solutions.

Augmented analytics delivers twice the business value of existing solutions

The evolution of analytics cannot be ignored. You should begin planning to learn and adopt augmented analytics through automated machine learning now. Even if you are struggling with current projects, you can still enjoy the swift, transformational impacts of automated machine learning in minutes.

Introducing DataRobot

I have been following DataRobot now for several years. It is one of the most impressive platforms that I have reviewed in a long time. DataRobot is the world’s most advanced automated machine learning platform, allowing users across an organization (not just data scientists) to make better predictions faster. The DataRobot platform automates, trains and evaluates predictive models in parallel, delivering more accurate predictions at scale. DataRobot delivers immediate value and unmatched ease of use – no complicated math or scripting is required.


DataRobot helps find key insights and hidden patterns. This invaluable technology expedites data model building, training, evaluation and deployment. Users of all skill levels can safely apply machine learning with built-in optimizations and safeguards. For optimal machine learning model performance, domain knowledge and best practices used by the world’s leading data scientists have been uniquely baked into DataRobot blueprints.

Domain knowledge and best practices have been uniquely baked into DataRobot

DataRobot supports popular advanced machine learning techniques and open source tools such as Apache Spark, H2O, Scala, Python, R, and TensorFlow. Using drag-and-drop, point-click guided menu options, DataRobot users can simply and quickly create predictive models with automated machine learning.

  • Ingest data sources
  • Select a target variable to predict
  • Automatically generate features, extract balanced samples, build and iterate through 100s of machine learning models
  • Visually explore top performing models and key findings
  • Easily deploy and operationalize models

Machine learning development steps that used to take weeks or months of effort can now be completed in hours. You can also quickly deploy and use DataRobot automated machine learning model intelligence within your reporting or business processes. Thus, your modeling solution can be your deployment solution closing the loop between insight to action.

Recommended Next Steps

I personally found automated machine learning easy to learn and use, and it delivers exceptional value to my clients. It is ideal for exploring data sets for key metric drivers, prioritizing leads, detecting customer churn, performing win/loss analysis, predicting readmissions in healthcare or identifying fraud.

Do not fear automaton. These solutions empower data savvy talent to combine the beauty of the human mind with the power of machine learning to mine unprecedented levels of knowledge from oceans of data. As Gartner recommended earlier this month – “become a machine learning, learning machine”.

machine learning machine

If you would like to learn more about machine learning automation, please sign up for our webinar to see DataRobot in action, contact an expert at DataRobot or review the following recommended resources.