We are at the beginning of the next fundamental shift in the evolution of analytics. Smart data discovery, also called augmented intelligence, is already changing the analytics landscape. Early adopters cite unprecedented speed to insight by simply asking questions and getting answers. Billions of data combinations across multiple enterprise data sources can be analyzed with machine learning algorithms in minutes – no data modeling needed. Smart data discovery is essentially business intelligence powered with artificial intelligence.

Gartner just released a report called “Augmented Analytics Is the Future of Data and Analytics” that is a must read. If you are not a Gartner subscriber, check out Rita Sallam’s article to get a brief overview of it.

According to the 2017 Gartner Critical Capabilities for BI and Analytics Platforms report, “By 2021, the number of users of modern BI and analytics platforms that are differentiated by smart data discovery capabilities will grow at twice the rate of those that are not, and will deliver twice the business value.”

Smart data discovery will deliver twice the business value.

Smart data discovery today can prepare and cleanse data more intelligently, automatically find key insights, hidden patterns, correlations, and interpret human language via natural-language generation. Automated predictive and prescriptive analytics optimizes decision making by considering statistical significance and minimizing bias. Smart data discovery recommendations are purely data-driven.

To further explore why Smart Data Discovery is the next big thing and how to effectively complement existing manual approaches to BI and analytics to gain a competitive edge, please join Tellius data scientist, Jason Gran, and me and in a webinar on August 16, 2017.

Tellius Smart Data Discovery

Augmenting Existing Analytics

Analytics and BI leaders need to be planning for pilot and adoption of smart data discovery approaches.  Consider what business initiatives could benefit the most from smart data discovery today to ease or expedite complex analysis. Stakeholders who don’t have the time, ability, or interest to create analytics content but still need to make sound, data-driven decisions can deeply benefit from these new technologies. Smart data discovery democratizes analytics and boosts productivity.

Traditional and even manual modern data discovery can be expensive, difficult and time intensive to implement. You ask questions and then wait, and wait, and wait for an answer from a data analyst, BI professional or data scientist. Your business cannot wait. As a result, gut based decision-making still dominates day-to-day decisions in the field. Empowering everyone with rapid smart data discovery insight, when and where they need it, can ease those pains and make a positive impact on the bottom line.


Tellius Smart Data Discovery Positioning


Similar to the second wave of self service BI disrupting the first wave of traditional BI, smart data discovery and other augmented analytics technologies in the third wave will change the game. Never before have humans been able to interact with data using conversations and Google-search ease.

Learning More about Tellius Smart Data Discovery

Respected research firms have cited smart data discovery as the next big thing in analytics. Earlier this year I performed a “hands-on” solution review of cool Tellius smart data discovery newcomer that had remarkably positive results. Since then Tellius added intelligent data prep and prescriptive analytics. Typically when analytics vendors brief me, I find it difficult to understand what makes them truly unique or compelling in the overly crowded, commoditized market. Rarely, if ever, do I see truly state-of-the-art smart data discovery. When I do see it, I know it.

Tellius Smart Data Discovery

Tellius Smart Data Discovery

Smart data discovery will play a vital role augmenting analytics and decision making. It has incredible potential to finally deliver on the age-old promise to bring intelligent analytics to the masses. Please join me and Tellius to see smart data discovery in action for yourself.