As June 2017 comes to a close, here is a quick wrap up of this month’s highlights. Don’t forget you can also keep track of these filtered updates on my Alerts page and or

Tableau 10.3 Released

Tableau joins

This month kicked off with the general availability of Tableau 10.3. Honoring crowd pleasing announcements from Tableau Conference 2016, this release includes much anticipated data-driven alerting, intelligent joins, cool connectors such as Amazon Athena, Adobe PDF files and Tableau Bridge for live hybrid on-premises to cloud data source connectivity. For a detailed deeper dive into this specific release, please read the dedicated article on it called “Exploring Tableau 10.3 Highlights“.

New TIBCO Spotfire Smart Data Catalog and StreamBase 10 Announced

TIBCO - Spotfire Data Catalog

TIBCO continues to amaze me. Have you taken a look at them lately? They have an impressive portfolio of offerings. I need to get hands-on with the latest Spotfire Desktop, recently acquired Statistica, Simplr and this fantastic new Smart Data Catalog.

With Spotfire Smart Data Catalog, you can search and find related data sources to accelerate analysis. Spotfire Smart Data Catalog automatically discovers data relationships, sentiments and recommendations through built-in artificial intelligence. Spotfire Data Catalog continuously indexes databases and data lakes, applying text-mining algorithms to discover relationships among tables and documents, as well as concepts and sentiment. These elements can be discovered in business user searches, or may be presented as recommendations. The user can then pick and choose what to add to what becomes a virtual data mart, and share a connection to this virtual data mart for analysis with Spotfire.

TIBCO - StreamBase

TIBCO also announced the latest version of its streaming analytics solution, TIBCO StreamBase® 10. This release brings together the best of predictive and streaming technologies with best practices to develop and scale applications, making it an ideal platform for use cases requiring intelligence at speed, and at scale, such as IoT use cases. StreamBase® 10 adds support for popular devops tooling to its easy-to-use graphical development environment, empowering developers to enable the continuous delivery of streaming analytics applications. StreamBase 10 also innovates by allowing the platform to support predictive and machine-learning models, which combined with contextual data, allow the platform to make decisions to drive the best outcome for the business in real time. An enhanced architecture also ensures flexibility, availability, and scalability to support the most challenging use cases in terms of volume or criticality.

Amazon QuickSight Enhancements

Next up, Amazon QuickSight released several nice enhancements. Relative date filters, Teradata connector, Amazon RedShift Specturm support to visualize and analyze vast amounts of unstructured data in their Amazon S3 “data lake” without having to load or transform data, federated Single Sign-On using SAML 2.0 and just-in-time user provisioning for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). The press release with more information and links to product team overviews is at “What is New in Amazon QuickSight“.

AtScale 5.5 was Revealed

Touting a valuable cloud-world message, AtScale aids customers from “Lock-In” to “Lift and Shift”. AtScale claims their unique architecture is the only solution that allows customers to create one semantic layer that works on an on-premise cluster and can be transferred ‘as-is’ to a completely different environment like, for instance Google BigQuery.

Beyond the need to make their data lakes perform like traditional MPP databases with limitless data, enterprises are also looking to mitigate their Big Data risks across on-premises or cloud deployments. Enterprises that have heavily invested in one particular data platform delivery mode are wary of what’s called “lock-in” (an excessive investment with one vendor or one type of technology, which can reduce an enterprise’s agility and competitive advantage).

Note I’ll be diving into AtScale very soon. Stay tuned.

Attunity Introduces Compose for Hive

Attunity, an excellent data warehouse automation solution that I have reviewed in the past, introduced Attunity Compose for Hive, which automates the process of creating and continuously loading operational and historical data stores for use with Apache Hive. Integrated with Attunity Replicate to support large-scale and real-time data ingestion, Attunity Compose for Hive eliminates the hard work of manual and time-consuming ETL development, enabling faster and easier creation of analytics-ready data lakes. The new offering expands Attunity’s solution set for data lakes.

Other Noteworthy News

A few other vendors with noteworthy news this month include:


That concludes June 2017 highlights. Signing off to enjoy a long holiday weekend.