While I am still catching up on billable work after the annual March Madness events in the analytics industry, here are a few Industry Pulse announcements that are not to be missed and worth a quick read. Note if you are an avid analytics news junkie, I do add these updates daily to my Alerts page.

SAS Viya Enhancements

Coming out of SAS Global Forum last week, SAS Viya announced a plethora of enhancements. This topic is blog-worthy and when I get a chance, I will share my take on it. Having gone to SAS Global Forum, my top take-aways are SAS offers deep and high quality solutions. Everything I saw there was at a higher level than I usually see in the analytics market. Even the demos were sophisticated yet attracted crowds of engaged analytics pros. I loved the work SAS is doing for visually impaired users. More to come on that… In the meantime, check out the article.

MicroStrategy 10.7 Released

MicroStrategy recently announced the general availability of MicroStrategy 10.7. This release delivers a new set of APIs that will allow MicroStrategy customers to build custom connectors to almost any data source. It also adds integrations with Natural Language Generation (NLG) providers Automated Insights and Narrative Science, letting users add Intelligent Narratives to their dashboards alongside their reports, graphs, and visualizations. To see how MicroStrategy 10.7 supports Intelligent Narratives, watch this video.

Additional features added in this release include:

  • Enhanced Native Hadoop® Gateway
  • New Certifications for several data sources
  • IMproved mapping with custom .KML and .SHP shapes files.
  • AppConfig Support in Android™

For more information, check out the news article.

Tableau Subscription-Based Plans

On April 6, Tableau unveiled new subscription pricing for all of its products, including Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and Tableau Online. The new pricing model has already been quietly adopted by quite a few customers. It significantly reduces the initial expense to deploy Tableau Server on-premises. For Tableau Desktop customers – myself included – it seems more expensive. Here are the subscription prices.

  • Tableau Desktop Personal – $35 per month
  • Tableau Desktop Professional – $70 per month
  • Tableau Server – $35 per month
  • Tableau Online – $42 per month

The subscription pricing move for Tableau mirrors what we are seeing happen across the entire software market right now. Subscription costs are often more expensive in the long run. Thus I have mixed feelings on this news when it comes to my own small business. For more information, check out the news article.