From machine-learning based data preparation to automated data analysis with prescriptive recommendations, the advances in analytics are astounding. Now analytics bots are entering the market fast and furiously. Qlik, Sisense, TIBCO Spotfire, DOMO, Looker, Tableau, Tellius and more, it seems all the cool solutions have analytics bots.

Bots, Bots and More Bots

Today numerous analytics vendors have developed analytics bots or provide NLG APIs for the visual representation and interpretation of data. Analytics bots are being offered as stand-alone solutions or as integrations into collaboration apps such as Slack. A variety of solutions include voice query with Amazon Alexa and other personal assistants. To read the entire story on analytics bots, check out my latest InformationWeek article, Get Ready for the Analytics Bot Invasion.

Get Ready for the Analytics Bot Invasion


Analytics Bots



Bots are carving out a new role in analytics, utilizing natural language generation to address questions raised by business people and consumers. They make exploring data easier than ever for mainstream users to enjoy. When organizations add analytics bot capability into workflows or commonly used collaboration apps, they can maximize the value of the data being collected and make better data-driven decisions on the spot. Several of the bots also provide proactive alerting.

Keep in mind that delivering analytics by merely having a conversation with your data is a relatively new concept. This technology might not have granular role-based, row-level data security commonly required in analytics applications. It also might not be available in many different languages for multi-lingual corporations. Important contextual understanding may also be missing or require human validation. Artificial intelligence, deep learning and other cognitive learning technologies will further influence and improve analytics bot understanding of data, usage and situational context over time.

You most likely have already been using text-based chat bots or speech-to-speech applications such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and other intelligent personal assistants. Now get ready for the invasion of analytics bots.