Excel is the #1, most loved analytics tool in the world with over one billion users worldwide. It is figuratively the Swiss Army knife of analytics. Why? Excel is easy to learn, comfortable, powerful, fast and infinitely flexible. Even when modern data discovery tools are bought, Excel is still desired.

In a recent self-service analytics market survey, Excel export was cited by over 94% of both business and technical personas surveyed as highly important. Despite outlandish advertisements that claim Excel should be not be used for reporting, nothing else in the market can replace the truly unique value of Excel.

Don’t Replace Excel, Embrace Excel

Instead of wasting time, energy and resources trying to remove Excel from reporting processes, you should consider finding ways to responsibly embrace Excel. Attempts to eliminate Excel are usually futile. You are far more likely to be successful by considering human emotional attachment and genuine technical need for Excel-centric reporting.

The real problem you should be solving is how to effectively govern Excel reporting across the enterprise.

Concerns around ensuring Excel reporting accuracy, minimizing errors, easing report sharing pains and complying with regulatory requirements are legitimate and do need to be addressed. The real problem that you should be solving is how to best deliver and effectively govern Excel reporting across the enterprise.

Solving Excel Reporting Pains

Implementing responsible, governed enterprise reporting with Excel across the complete analytics life-cycle from desktop Excel design, to web sharing and even mobile viewing is possible with XLCubed, a Microsoft partner solution.

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Base Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and even the latest Power BI offer some capabilities for enterprise reporting with Excel. The downsides of using those solutions include:

  • Poor web and mobile user experience with Excel
  • Limited authoring, PivotTable rendering, interactivity, and interlinking
  • Limited ability to write-back without custom application development
  • Missing governance features for reporting use cases
  • Expensive to roll out to everyone
  • Complex to set up and configure – even in the cloud

XLCubed for Governed Enterprise Excel Reporting

XLCubed Governed Excel

XLCubed is a unique enterprise Excel-centric reporting solution that fills Microsoft gaps. There is nothing else in the market today quite like it. With a suite of products for enhanced Excel-centric reporting, XLCubed includes an Excel Add-In, web portal, an API for embedding and native mobile apps.

There is nothing else in the market today quite like XLCubed.

XLCubed’s background and expertise in performance management has influenced product design. Today it delivers unrivaled flexibility in Excel reporting, analytics, dashboards, planning and budgeting applications for over 700 Customers including well-known organizations.

Report authoring and one-click publishing is supported from numerous versions of Excel 32-bit and 64-bit desktop applications ranging from Excel 2007 to Excel 2016 via the XLCubed Excel Add-In. XLCubed Web is an HTML5, 64-bit Microsoft Windows IIS web server-based platform.

XLCubed provides a mission-critical environment for managed Excel-centric reporting. It marries the delightful aspects of Excel with world class performance, scale, security and governance. Reports and dashboards built in Excel can be easily published and shared to XLCubed’s web portal for best-in-class, fully interactive user experiences.

XLCubed connects directly to server-based data avoiding classic Excel reporting pains where data could be easily overtyped or become out of sync with the central repository. XLCubed addresses this fundamental issue and the ensuing problems which have made Excel so unpopular in many IT departments.

Reports published to XLCubed Web can be rendered in all common web browsers, via web parts in SharePoint, inline frames in web or BI portals, embedded in applications, or in touch-optimized mode via XLCubed native mobile apps for Apple iOS, Android and Windows devices. Embedded XLCubed supports two-way parameter passing for first-class, contextual, hybrid reporting experiences. Options for scheduled mass distribution of Excel and Adobe PDF reports are also available.

XLCubed Web provides role-based security with single-sign-on from LDAP authentication sources such as Active Directory. Fine grained, dynamic security can be applied at report level or at data level all the way down to a specific cell with OLAP data sources.

XLCubed Governed Excel White Paper

By combining people, process and XLCubed auditing, annotation and versioning, you can apply enterprise BI governance standards to self-service activities for managing Excel-centric reporting assets. You can also combine XLCubed with other reporting solutions to centralize BI governance across the enterprise while continuing to deliver agile insights rapidly when and where it is needed. Additional information on this topic is available in the free Embracing Governed Excel in an Enterprise BI Strategy White Paper.

Solution Architecture

XLCubed delivers the best user experience when combined with SQL Server Analysis Services data sources. However, it can also be used with other databases and OLAP sources.

XLCubed Architecture

XLCubed Solution Architecture

When adding XLCubed into an enterprise BI strategy, the solution can be used stand-alone or combined with other web-based reporting portals including but not limited to Microsoft SharePoint BI, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos and MicroStrategy.

Why Users Love XLCubed


Apart from the speed, flexibility and familiarity of reporting in Excel, XLCubed further improves the entire Excel-centric reporting experience. XLCubed combines everything that is great about Excel as a dashboard tool, addresses annoying limitations and enhances authoring, data visualization, grouping, publishing and sharing.

Download the white paper to see and learn about the Top 10 features Excel users love most and what makes XLCubed truly special.

XLCubed for Solution Implementers

For professional BI consultants and systems integrators, XLCubed provides a fantastic new revenue stream to help your clients govern Excel reporting. Every customer has Excel and likely needs your help to solve traditional Excel reporting pains. With XLCubed, you can expand your total addressable market potential.

Consultants and systems integrators benefit with lead referrals by joining XLCubed’s Partner Program at https://www.xlcubed.com/partner-program. XLCubed partners are provided with services engagement accelerator resources, marketing collateral and demo material to easily add Governed Enterprise Excel Reporting into your offerings.


Today XLCubed is used by more than 700 customers with thousands of users worldwide. The solution delivers much needed secure, centralized Excel report publishing, management and governance for enterprise BI environments.

XLCubed can be used stand-alone or as a complementary solution to other enterprise BI platforms, including but not limited to, Microsoft SharePoint BI, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos and MicroStrategy. The latest version of XLCubed has excited customers and partners alike since it supports a wide variety of data sources such as Oracle, SAP HANA, Power BI, Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery.

Business users thrive when reporting in their #1 favorite analytics tool, Excel. With XLCubed, the historical pains and risks with Excel-centric reporting can finally be effectively addressed while keeping the both the business and IT happy.

For More Information

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