To keep up with the speed of business in a rapidly changing world of data, modern data warehousing approaches have emerged. Several years ago data warehouse automation offerings began entering the market. Although those solutions offered much value, they typically had dependencies on traditional Kimball-based, dimensional data warehousing methodology. This article describes a new inexpensive solution called Perspective ILM Data Governor that speeds up data warehouse development with a variety of data modeling design options.


Perspective ILM

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I have had the pleasure of personally working with the Perspective ILM team for several years. Perspective ILM is an award-winning, worldwide Microsoft BI Partner of the Year. They are early adopters of Microsoft technology that never cease to impress me. Perspective ILM proactively fills gaps in Microsoft BI enterprise analytics platforms. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to expedite data warehouse development using technologies and skills that are widely available, then Data Governor by Perspective ILM just might be an ideal solution to evaluate.

Data Governor

Perspective ILM Data Governor uniquely accelerates operational data store, analytical sandbox and data warehouse creation by eliminating most of the complex extract-transform-load (ETL) work that historically accounted for 80% of the work effort. Utilizing an agile orchestration design and a simple user-friendly web interface, data savvy analytics professionals can quickly yet responsibly deliver insights with Data Governor from disparate data sources with no complex coding.

Perspective ILM Data Governor

Data Governor initial implementation takes a few days versus months using traditional approaches. New data sources can be added in a matter of minutes. Safeguards in the solution prevent data redundancy and quality issues.

Data Governor is not like other data warehouse automation or metadata management solutions. The flexible design was inspired by taking a slightly different approach to applying more than 20 years of data warehousing design patterns. By combining aspects of data warehouse automation with a light-weight design built specifically to democratize full life-cycle analytics initiatives, anyone that can query data with SQL is now able to stand up a unified, persistent data store for reporting.

After accelerating the data foundation, analytical professionals are able to spend more time on higher value, highly visible tasks of making sense of the data. Traditional ETL developers can reduce time in mundane code and finally keep up with a never ending list of requests.

Solution Overview

Perspective ILM’s Data Governor is a data orchestration accelerator. It natively integrates with Azure SQL Data Warehouse, as well as on-premises SQL Server and Analytics Platform System (APS), allowing flexibility for cloud, on-premises, or even a hybrid data warehouse solution.

Data Governor

After basic installation and configuration, a non-technical web interface allows users to select data sources and tables to load. Optional historical change data tracking and audit logging is available.

With point-and-click ease, business users can schedule incremental or full data refreshes without having to write any code or access highly secure database administration tools. For groups with existing ETL or ELT logic in stored procedures, SQL Server Integration Services packages, PowerShell or operating system commands, Data Governor allows reuse of those existing data warehouse assets without rework.

Solution Architecture

Data Governor

For IT professionals, Data Governor provides a secure, reliable, scalable and auditable reporting and analytics data foundation. Out-of-the-box tasks provide rapid data migration, cross data source reconciliation, master data synchronization and single customer view processing. Intelligent data load script controls make sure jobs run in the right sequence and also fit into limited time windows for processing.

Reconciliation allows subject matter experts to improve data quality – a top pain point in modern analytics.

For analytical sandbox scenarios, Data Governor prevents non-technical users from loading redundant data and also ensures efficient, maintainable data movement processes with new or existing processes.

For More Information

Data warehousing has never been easier, faster or more reasonable to deploy than it is today. For more information on Perspective ILM Data Governor, please check out the following resources.