Digital Reasoning is a leader in cognitive computing. The company is on a moral mission to build software that can be used for the greater good. Not only do they have one of the coolest analytics platforms in the big data space right now, Digital Reasoning is also quietly making a positive impact on our world. From national security, law enforcement, threat detection, market monitoring, healthcare to human trafficking reduction, Digital Reasoning is making a difference with data.

Saving Children

Spotlight is a web-based tool developed by Digital Reasoning that provides law enforcement with intelligence about suspected human trafficking networks to assist victims. It was one of the first applications that could learn from online data by understanding human language from many sources. Thanks to the support of Thorn, an organization founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore that saves exploited children, Spotlight was made available for free to investigators. Today Spotlight is operating in nearly every state in the country and supporting hundreds of law enforcement agencies.

Rethinking Analytics

Digital Reasoning approaches analytics differently. The platform is designed to work without any data modeling or pre-defined taxonomy. By deriving patterns and relationships from the data itself, Digital Reasoning’s large-scale data analytics platform called Synthesys examines context, content and relationships within data to semantically uncover critical information.

Anyone that practices analytics knows that context is key.

Synthesis reduces time to insight since no data preparation is needed. The cognitive computing ability to quickly analyze and transform human language into knowledge from massive volumes and varieties of big data has never been easier to achieve.

Digital Reasoning Synthesys 4

With unstructured, semi-structured and structured data as input, Synthesys uses machine learning entity extraction to find hidden insights about people, places, connections and actions. The applications for this technology are vast.

Digital Reasoning Overview

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Synthesys can examine a wide variety of data sources including but not limited to email, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, raw text files, queries, search engine results, RSS feeds, images, and audio. Contextual reasoning power narrows in on what data is valuable and what data is not via a continual learning, dynamic knowledge base. An Annotator tool allows users to validate or discard how individual pieces of text are being understood to ensure accuracy of analysis. An API layer enables developers to integrate Synthesys with business intelligence, search, and third-party applications.

Digital Reasoning

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In the latest version Synthesys 4, Digital Reasoning’s cognitive computing platform leverages an ensemble of technologies including machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, pattern recognition and knowledge representation. Synthesys 4 provides interactive data exploration tools and intelligent assistants. Highlighted new features include:

  • State-of-the-art and patent-pending core and advanced analytics enhancements leveraging deep learning neural networks across text, audio and images, as well as behavioral analytics based on anomaly detection techniques.
  • Enhanced multi-lingual capabilities, including state of the art quality for English, Spanish and Chinese with full syntactic parsing.
  • An integrated ability to conduct interactive data analytics designed for data scientists. Synthesys Notebook enables local exploration of data and import/export of results from Synthesys analytics to a range of third party databases and visualization tools.
  • Self-service model training with Synthesys Trainer provides an intuitive interface that enables non-technical users to train new analytical models according to the language and tasks that are relevant to their domain. In addition, the Annotator tool visualizes and facilitates NLP and metadata annotations in textual data.
  • Support for Elasticsearch for high performance indexing and data exploration across multiple Hadoop distributions, including Cloudera Enterprise, Hortonworks and MapR.

Recent Accolades

I first came across Digital Reasoning in 2014 when I wrote about the future of analytics. It appears that I was not the only one following them. Digital Reasoning was cited in June 2016 as a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Big Data Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2016.

Forrester Wave

Source: The Forrester Wave: Big Data Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2016

One of my favorite Synthesis demos is the BI and Analytics Industry Analysis one that showcases results from search, sentiment and entity similarity.

Digital Reasoning Wave Demo

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Digging into Data

Wouldn’t it be fun to analyze the Panama Papers or another hot topic with this solution? To start exploring the potential of Digital Reasoning’s fascinating technology, you can sign up for a test drive at After approval, you’ll get a link to a cloud cluster running Synthesys. From there, you can begin digging into example data sets.

Digital Reasoning Cloud

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