After an intense but awesome two weeks on the road in Redmond for PASS Summit, MVP Summit and catching up with my peers on the Power BI and SQL Server BI engineering aka product teams, I am finally back home in sunny Florida. That means I have no more excuses for getting content out the door BUT…family first!

I also promised Computer 101 with my dad yesterday. Setting up a laptop is NOT senior citizen friendly. That special user experience was shocking for me. Now that my dad is all set up and trained on the basics, I can take care of my pouting puppy dogs and long overdue tasks on my growing TO DO list. So here is my promised Power BI Desktop Tips & Tricks webinar content! Sorry for the delays.

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Tips & Tricks Links and Downloads

Here are download links to the content that I showcased from both Will Thompson and me in the last Power BI Desktop Tips & Tricks webinar. If you want to watch that webinar (it is one of my better ones), it is now available On Demand.



Power BI Resources 


Tips & Tricks

  • Maximizing storage with DirectQuery vs. In-Memory
  • Showing date of last data refresh
  • Sorting day of week names
  • Creating sparklines, histograms, reference lines and exceptions
  • Using custom groupings in visuals
  • Creative image underlay and overlay tricks
  • Designing infographics
  • Visualizing scored predictive models