Tonight I came across a gold mine of wonderful data governance resources while researching the industry. Data governance has been a mega-hot topic since self-service business intelligence tools became easy enough for anyone to use (and abuse). I’ll never forget the unexpected, standing-room only crowd of leaders from top tier companies that came to my Atlanta self-service business intelligence governance roundtable session back in 2012. Everyone was searching for guidance on this topic. Many organizations want to empower the business to make better decisions in a rapid and  responsible manner.

In its broadest form, data governance is an approach that public and private entities can use to organize one or more aspects of their data management efforts including self-service business intelligence, operational reporting, data access, security and privacy, master data management, data quality management, and so on. In the real world, these programs are always customized for each organization’s data culture, people, processes and technologies. The Data Governance for Privacy, Confidentiality, and Regulatory Compliance foundational series from Microsoft Trustworthy Computing provides any organization a huge jump start in establishing a base data governance program. The following resources describe the basic elements of a data governance initiative for data privacy, confidentiality, and compliance. The content is a little dated but remains completely relevant. Enjoy!

Data Governance for Privacy, Confidentiality, and Compliance Framework

The series, Data Governance for Privacy, Confidentiality, and Regulatory Compliance (ZIP file, 5.75 MB), includes white papers and webcasts to help you implement or expand a data governance initiative and information security policy in your business.

Part 1: The Case for Data Governance – white paper (PDF, 1.12 MB)
Part 2: People and Process – white paper (PDF, 1.63 MB)
Part 3: Managing Technological Risk – white paper (PDF, 1.41 MB)
Part 4: A Capability Maturity Model – white paper (PDF, 977 KB)
Part 5: Moving to Cloud Computing – white paper (PDF, 1.26 MB)

Application Privacy Assessment (PDF, 437 KB)
Begin to evaluate an application and its operating environment by comparing it to industry best practices and your organization’s privacy and data security policies.

Position Papers

Microsoft and Data Retention (PDF, 277 KB)
Understand the risk in storing customer and business data indefinitely.

Microsoft and Data Breach Notification (PDF, 241 KB)
Reduce the risk of information loss and minimize damage when such incidents occur.

Data Governance: Managing and Protecting Personal Information (PDF, 702 KB)
Help safeguard personal information to protect customers and limit liability.


Privacy Guidelines for Developing Software Products and Services (PDF, 1.16 MB)
Follow these guidelines to ensure that customer privacy and data protection is incorporated into the development process.

Compliance Solution Accelerators
Find Microsoft-recommended resources that provide guidance and tools to manage compliance infrastructure and to institute sound principles of IT service governance.

MOF to COBIT/Val IT Comparison and Cross-Implementation Guide (PDF, 1.66 MB)
Review tips and techniques for leveraging the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0 to meet the governance, risk, and compliance objectives defined within COBIT 4.1 (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) and Val IT 2.0.