The awesome Datazen mobile BI platform may be available to you for FREE. On April 14, 2015, Microsoft announced customers with SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2008 or later and Software Assurance are freely entitled to Datazen Server for mobile BI at no additional cost. The complimentary native mobile BI iOS, Android, and Windows client apps for both tablets and smart phones are already available in device app stores. Sound too good to be true? I know. This is more proof of a new Microsoft that just keeps on surprising me these days. Read the official announcement.

Datazen is a mobile BI industry leader with native apps on Windows, iOS and Android devices. For longtime blog readers, Datazen is the mobile BI app that I used to show back in my 2012 Microsoft mobile BI sessions. At that time, this solution was a pricey top of the line offering from Component Art. It has since been rebranded, still offers fabulous mobile BI capabilities and the free price tag for SQL Server customers is an unbelievably great deal.

Getting Started

To get started evaluating Datazen Server with your own data sources, you can now download the software directly from the Microsoft SQL Server web site. I found the Datazen docs online and YouTube overview videos invaluable for understanding the breadth and depth of features now available.

For installing and configuring the Datazen server, there is an excellent step-by-step article that was just published by Microsoft’s Chris Finlan.


Double BI Adoption with Mobile BI

Did you know that you could potentially double the success of BI adoption in your company by delivering reports to mobile devices? I keep evangelizing this factoid over and over again because it is too compelling to overlook. In research shared by Cindi Howson last year, “BI adoption as a percentage of employees remained flat at 22%, but companies that successfully deployed mobile BI showed the highest adoption rates at 42% of employees.” Thus if you deliver BI, you’d better take mobile BI seriously.