In case you missed it,  Doug Henschen of InformationWeek had a fantastic article on 2014 planned usage surveys for BI vendors. This must read BI article is at

This survey certainly does reflect what I am seeing in the market. Tableau is on fire and growing rapidly – a shocking 2x growth is indeed possible for them again this year. That is exactly what was shown in the limited survey results.  I bet Tableau may be taking some Microstrategy and IBM Cognos  share and winning on the fast build, high ROI, and overall enjoyable dashboard development experience.

Microsoft dominance is clear. The SQL Server 2012 BI improvements were excellent and vast across the entire BI lifecycle: Master Data Services, Data Quality Services, SSIS ETL, SSAS OLAP, SSRS Reporting and so on. Mobile, Dashboards and Predictive are the only BI areas a bit neglected – helping fuel Tableau’s growth. I suspect with a lot of Microsoft BI features moving into Excel the usage value will continue to increase. However, it is  difficult to decipher Excel BI use versus general Excel use in these kinds of surveys. I see many Microsoft accounts that use other BI, statistics and predictive tools to supplement basic SharePoint, Excel and SQL Server BI offerings that are pervasive in enterprise organizations. Almost every company in the next few years will be using Excel BI somewhere since Excel is literally everywhere and now BI is bundled into it. How many companies only use GoogleDocs or something else and not Excel? I can’t think of one in the hundreds that I have touched / surveyed in the past few years. Possibly a more accurate BI usage survey would include stats for primary and secondary BI tools since many companies use several BI tools. Everyone uses Excel for many other reasons. I have one customer that had 19 different BI tools and Excel. The bigger the company, the more BI tools in a BYORT = Bring Your Own Reporting Tool world.

Qlik took a hit. I have been saying that they are not all that great for quite a few years now having heard so many pains from Qlik customers. I usually advise groups not to buy quickly, load test and review all other options. The Qlik vNext news is hurting them.

It was surprising to see Microstrategy and IBM Cognos fall as much as they did.  I mentioned seeing less of them in my Winter 2013 News & Views Industry Pulse and this further confirms it. I am not sure why IBM SPSS is  in this mix. Where is Tibco Spotfire? I see Tibco Spotfire more than Actuate, SAS and SPSS for BI. Interesting…

Doug’s article is a great read. Another good, recent BI usage survey that is now available is BARC 13: the world’s largest BI user survey. My favorite BI usage survey is Gartner’s Customer’s Rate their BI Platform Vendors. I find that one to be insightful as to what works well and what does not after implementation from  customers versus industry analysts. Other resources for keeping track of BI vendor vibes is Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI and Cindi Howson’s BI Scorecard is excellent.