The Power BI and Mobile App Preview is beginning to expand. Honestly, I have not had one spare moment yet to spin up my Power BI Preview environment. I do hope to give it a try this weekend. In the meantime, I have been watching the cross vendor BI world blogs and tweets closely as always I do. I saw that Dan English, one of my long-time MSBI favorite gurus, tweeted the link to the NEW Power View HTML5 Mobile Preview notes. It is a good read and link to keep in your Favorites to reference to see how it continues to evolve.

The Silverlight to HTML5 migration of Power View is a seriously huuuuuge deal for the Power View team led by Ariel Netz to get out the door. Almost every single MSBI conversation that I have had over the past two years – especially after showing cool Power View moving bubbles or Maps demos – also had the iPad, mobile and Silverlight question come up. I am genuinely happy for Ariel and his team to achieve this major milestone. I can’t wait to play with it now.

Other big wins for Ariel and team, would be taking this to on-premise MSBI and adding Power View parameters for common embedding, dashboards, and ISV scenarios. They do mention ISV scenarios in this article but they do not share a timeline nor mention on-premise.  It is only for Cloud Office 365.  I do look forward to seeing and hearing what the others that have beat me to this Cloud Power BI Preview are thinking and experiencing as they dig into it.


I would bet that the Power View team probably needs more real world feedback on various mobile device type experiences, what works and does not. These are the ones supported in  the Preview right now. Mobile device testing was an obsession area that I used to do a lot of research in while I was at Microsoft. Many people don’t realize just how many bazillion mobile devices there are around the world. At TechEd 2012, I had someone show me a SSRS report on a “Dolphin” phone and to my surprise it worked …even though it was not officially supported.  Last month I shared in the Power BI Mobile App blog that Power View maps and scatter plots will not render in the initial version. Over time updates will be pushed to the Mobile BI app though the app stores. There is an excellent demo by AJ Mee posted on YouTube of how to publish your own Excel 2013 files to test this app.

So a shout out to all of you that wanted Power View to be HTML5, step up, start testing it on your favorite mobile devices and provide the Power View team feedback when you get your Cloud Power BI Preview invitation.