Breaking news today from a great little company called Extended Results, creator of the PUSH BI mobile applications many Microsoft BI customers used to bridge the mobile BI gaps. TIBCO, the maker of Spotfire, acquired them and their technology. The press release is here. While this is great news for my BI friends Patrick Husting and Bryan Colyer, I imagine this news may cool their prior exceptionally cozy relationship with Microsoft BI now that they are living under a competing firm umbrella.  I look forward to hearing more news as their story unfolds in the BI news network channels. ( Information Age Article, Information Management Article ). Here is what Extended Results had to say about it:

For those of you that don’t know Extended Results, they are simply amazing. They just “get BI” and they are “brilliant marketers”. Patrick Husting is a good Midwest guy from Minnesota –  I adored him and his team right away often referring them into accounts to help my customers prior to starting my business. They have nice solutions that totally sizzle. I look foward to seeing what they will cook up next in the TIBCO Spotfire world. Congrats!