Checking the social media and Twitter-sphere tonight, I noticed a post on the Power BI Mobile App being showcased in the Windows 8 app store. (Tip: For my readers outside the United States, you may need to toggle your web browser locale if this app is not added to your local country Windows App store yet to get it.) Guess I must have been working way too hard to have seen this earlier today but it also looks like we did not get the email updates  that we were expecting from registering on Power BI site.  Regardless of why the late night pleasant surprise, the Power BI Mobile BI app contains  demo material that is hosted on a Power BI site somewhere for you to play with it.

We are still awaiting the Public Preview availablity announcements that are assumed will be made any day now. You can currently test the Mobile BI app preview with your own Enterprise Office 365 E3 level account and Excel 2013 files or review the posted demo Excel 2013 content if you have a Windows 8 device for a “sneak peak” of this looooooooooooog awaited native Microsoft Mobile BI app. The Microsoft field sales team has shared that Power View maps and scatter plots will not render in the initial version. Over time updates will be pushed to the Mobile BI app though the app stores. There is an excellent demo by AJ Mee posted on YouTube of how to publish your own Excel 2013 files to test this app.

iPad lovers were informed that they would have to wait a little longer and there are currently no plans for an Android app – Android fans are being told to use the browser-based option with Office 365 Power BI. If you want more information about Power BI, please check out my latest articles on SQL Server Pro magazine and also the earlier July 2013 Office 365 Power BI blog below.

If you have on-premise Microsoft BI – this Power BI mobile app WILL NOT work with it. If you want Mobile BI for on-premise Microsoft BI: Power View, SSRS, Excel Services, PerformancePoint, and so on, I have several blogs on the Microsoft Mobile BI topic, a presentation on SlideShare and a TechEd 2012 Mobile BI video that you may find super helpful…OR feel free to simply ping me. I have been openly obsessed with Mobile BI and Microsoft Mobile BI the past few years.