Tip of the day, download free trials of self-service BI/data discovery tools to experience using them yourself BEFORE you buy. “Experiencing” the differences in HOW to build views with your own data sources and playing with the depth of available analytic features is really important since many of these tools look the exactly the same when you only see the end result views or dashboards.  If it is really a self-service or data discovery tool, then you should be able to point to/ load your own data sources, mash up/ blend your own data sources, add your own time intelligence (YTD, QTD, MTD, Year over Year, Parallel Period), and build your own analytic views – all by yourself! Don’t let BI vendor sales reps fool you by copying your data into “pre-made”, self-sevice BI demos or POCs. The HOW in these use cases is a Critical Success Factor.