Let’s face it, dashboard presentation design matters and you can get fancy with PowerPivot. PowerPivot can be seriously fun, functional and powerful – especially with upcoming Hadoop ODBC and Hive Query Add-In. Here are a few creative ideas to spice up your dashboards. To add maps you can use free Microsoft Labs “Layerscape”  Geospatial Mapping Add-In for Excel,   Excel shapes with conditional color formatting or a third party add-in like MapCite. To embed maps, check out  Clearly and Simply blog. Chandoo.og has pretty cool social networking Excel dashboard examples and an advanced dashboard design course. To simulate tabs on the top of a page, simply color the top cell range, highlight current page cell and use the Excel hyperlink feature to provide navigation at the top. Note that you can also connect slicers to objects on multiple sheets in a workbook for a fully contextual analytic experience as the user browses the dashboards. To add a little extra depth overlay a transparent png image. To call out actionable items use conditional formatting and to provide trending information at a glance use the sparklines feature with thicker lines for improved visibility. For other maps, guages and custom objects check out BeGraphic.