UPDATED 8/14/2013 Microsoft BI Social Analytics Solution and Technical Support Site

Social analytics enables companies to keep a constant pulse on   the marketplace by reviewing customer sentiment, likes, dislikes  and hot topics at any given moment.  Extended Results has built  several incredibly useful, free, social analytics solutions for  Microsoft Business Intelligence using PowerPivot and Visual Studio  Tools for Office.  There is a solution for Twitter, LinkedIn   and Facebook.  Extended Results also has related analytics  tools for monitoring retail TAG campaigns.  You can review and download the  social analytics PowerPivot’s at http://www.extendedresults.com/products in the Social Insights section.

To build you own sentiment analysis, check out Twitter’s API at http://help.sentiment140.com/api.

Another free Excel Add-In for social analytics is NodeXL Social Network Data  Visualization http://nodexl.codeplex.com.