There are multiple ways to manage Microsoft BI metadata, impact analysis, dependency analysis and lineage.  In SQL Server 2012,   these features will be available in the “Project Barcelona”   SQL Server Feature Pack installs.  A live preview can be tooled  with at

A current option fan favorite is the low cost BI Documenter by  Pragmatic Works:  BI Documenter works with the full BI stack – database, SSIS, SSAS,   SSRS – with versions 2005 and up.  It has many nice features     such as a metadata editor, object change compare viewer, dependency graphing, workflow and totally automated solution documentation.   Another current option is the Microsoft Metadata 2008 Toolkit at    The metadata toolkit tracks data lineage, technical metadata, and impact analysis for SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, and SQL.  Features   include:

  • -Database Repository to store the metadata
  • -Stand-alone Dependency Analyzer program to view dependencies
  • -Report model for ad hoc reporting on technical metadata.
  • -Reports on impact analysis, dependency analysis, lineage


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