At PASS, Microsoft announced the upcoming TAP for a Hadoop ODBC driver.  This driver will enable integration of Apache Hadoop, Windows and Azure Hadoop flavors with various Microsoft BI products. The SQOOP connectors and/or the HiveODBC drivers can be used with the Microsoft data platform to extract data from Hadoop and put it into SQL and vice versa.

In the field, I am seeing major enterprise organizations leverage Big Data Hadoop solutions for inventory, customer intelligence and various other predictive analytics use cases.  By using the Microsoft Hadoop connector, the massive data storage and some data crunching can be done on Hadoop’s MapReduce framework with results delivered back to SQL Server for easy business consumption.  Another use case I am seeing is Hadoop Hive querying directly within Excel.

To easily test drive this feature, download the installation package and double click on the HiveODBCSetupx64.msi to install HiveODBC x64, x86, and the Excel Hive Add-in.  Now install the Excel Hive Add-in, click OK and give it a try!   To verify the install worked, click on the Data tab in Excel and you should see the Hive Pane as below. Using the Excel Hive Add-in, cick on the Hive Pane and on the right side of the main Excel window, the Hive pane will become visible for you to begin querying your Hadoop Big Data sources.  So easy and powerful…

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Query Apache or Windows Hadoop in Excel