Since there is so much being released on a weekly basis, here is my promised monthly summary for you. Also keep in mind that next month should be jam-packed with announcements from World Partner Conference and other July events in the usual Microsoft cycle of life.

While on that thought, do you remember last year’s World Partner Conference? WOW. We have seen so much good change for Microsoft BI in one year. I am feeling, seeing and experiencing all the right positive market signals. In July 2012, I did not have this same vibe while at Microsoft sharing the BI roadmap. During that time I knew, without a doubt, that there would be a few rough years ahead for us and mourned. Today it is refreshing to hear a renewed Microsoft BI excitement on a global scale. Needless to say…I am totally exhausted! Thus if I am not responding to your inquiries quickly, please be patient with me, use the Contact form at or the new Power BI Community Site. I am currently covering quite a few different Q&A channels worldwide and in desperate need of more help – at work and at home! Ugly weeds have invaded my beautiful tropical flower gardens.

So what has the world buzzing and reaching out for more information on Microsoft BI besides the long awaited, imminent color control in Power BI reports shown at IGNITE?

Power BI Designer Large

Recent Releases and Announcements

Power BI Community Site is LIVE
Power BI Designer Summer Sneak Peek
Power Site and App Design Updates
SQL Server 2016 BI Investments – a lot coming for on-premises BI
Microsoft BI Roadmap shared at IGNITE
Awesome plug-n-play Azure SQL Data Warehouse
MailChimp, QuickBooks, Twilio, AppFigures and SweetIQ connectors and content packs
Direct connectivity to Azure SQL, Azure SQL Data Warehouse and other data sources
Windows Native Mobile BI App released (plus Android coming soon)

What Else is Coming

To see additional planned releases, share your ideas or to vote to help Microsoft prioritize upcoming development, please check out User Voice. You can track idea status to see what teams are actively building and also get notification of your own idea status changes.

That’s all I have for today. Apparently my Diet Mountain Dew magic has worn off = I need to sleep.