Shhh! I have a little secret to share with you on engineering feature selection. Do you promise not to tell anyone? Ok. I trust you. So here goes…

Have you ever seen a demo of say, flying maps, and then wonder how  does Microsoft choose business intelligence features to build? A few months ago I revealed an inside glimpse with the London SQLBits crowd on how engineering prioritizes feature requests. In a South Park themed tell-all, I shared that it varies from sticking Post-it® notes on the floor containing requested features, sprinkling treats and then seeing what ones our pets choose to totally random monthly drawings or the typical ranking because so-and-so says so.


Seriously, NO that is not how engineering picks your requests. Also I have warmed up a bit to Power Map after seeing the world enjoy it – including a few gurus at Data Science Central. However, I still beg and plead for boring but needed parameters. Apparently I am not the only person on the planet asking for them. So can you help me out and share what you want to see next? Providing input is easy. Right now engineering is reviewing feedback in User Voice and in the active planning surveys listed below.

User Voice

Power BI Feedback (Tip! You can filter views by request status.)

BI in SQL Server vNext (on-prem)

Developer APIs

Current Planning Surveys

SSAS Analysis Services Planning (~2 minute survey)

Power BI Designer Planning (~2 minute survey)

Inside Engineering

Microsoft business intelligence teams are currently in another round of planning cycles. If you want to be heard, then you need to submit your feedback. Ideas do get reviewed along with the number of votes received. Don’t assume any feature is an obvious “must have” requirement. If you want to get your wish list items on the planning radar, now is the time to take a survey, vote and campaign for your favorite User Voice ideas.