As promised, I am pleased to announce that Impact Analytix quarterly newsletter, NEWS & VIEWS, has been published for Winter 2013. NEWS & VIEWS contains the latest business intelligence and predictive analytics industry updates, what’s hot/what’s not, technical product reviews, career outlooks and other hot topics – no holds barred – in a slightly different, much more condensed format than the blog.

The current issue contains critical career tips for those of you considering a new job move in 2014 when making those annual New Year’s resolutions. I warn of employment and contractor agreement traps for high demand skills, non-competes and other challenging career issues now happening in the                 war for limited analytic talent – a topic near and dear to my heart. I also share 2013 industry reflections and 2014 predictions, a look at Tableau TCC and the Tableau 8.1 release, other BI vendor upcoming events, resources, specials and introduce Josh Sebert.

Josh has over 20 years of combined financial, accounting, human resources, information technology, legal and operational management experience as a CFO and COO. He has extensive experience with enterprise systems, reporting systems and business improvement methodologies. His projects have been highlighted in several high profile Business Intelligence Case Studies. Josh graduated from Purdue University with a BS and followed with a JD from California Western School of Law, then successfully obtained an MBA from University of California, Irvine. I am excited to be working with him. He brings a fantastic background of Business Strategy, Operations Management, Performance Management Systems, Financial Forecasting and Analytical Modeling.

For more scoop, download the current copy of NEWS & VIEWS and subscribe to automatically get future updates emailed to you. This is just the beginning of what is sure to be an enlightening, quite different industry newsletter that will include hot button industry topics that no one openly talks about but everyone needs to know about if you are in the BI and analytics profession.

Happy Holidays!