After much reflection, thought, and consideration, I chose to pursue one of my life dreams – starting my own business. My new business, Impact Analytix, LLC, will consult and develop solutions with the BI, analytics, and technology platforms customers choose.   Over the last 20 years I have seen many BI peers go out on their own, take a leap of faith, and SUCCEED! I have  quietly envied their ability to play with varying database and BI platform technologies, decide when to accept/turn away projects, write books, blog, go and speak at amazing industry conferences, take long vacations, write off technology and continued learning as business expenses, and so on. Having saved enough money, lived modestly, gained relevant work experiences, and with my husband’s support and continual urging to start my own business for years now – I FINALLY DID IT. It is exciting and I am completely reinvigorated. I registered my own business, got an EIN, business accounts,  set up Office365 (super fantastic for a small business), started researching technology partnership programs across various information technology vendors, looked at cloud stuff, set up the computer systems,  interviewed numerous small business owners, and continue to plan and research as I get my first engagements started. Thanks to Mark Tabladillo, Lynn Overall, Mayra Harley and others for being true inspirations and invaluable mentors for me in this new venture. I know there are many more of you out there that have made this leap too. I DO want to talk to you, hear your stories, and lessons learned.

So that is my scoop on the beginning of Impact Analytix, LLC. Fear not, my next blog will be a technical topic again like SAS JMP, Tableau European Conference news, Microsoft SQL Server’s latest service pack with the long awaited and finally released DAXMD allowing Power View reporting on top Analysis Services multidimensional cubes (Reporting Services/SSRS SharePoint right now not for Excel 2013 yet), or something else truly geeky.