Last year I shared a fantastic white paper on various ways to consumer SAP and SAP BW data in PowerPivot for more agile self-service business intelligence with SAP sources –  using-sql-server-powerpivot-for-excel-to-analyze-sap-data.aspx.  At the time this paper was written SAP HANA was not readily available.  Just today I came across an excellent blog and video on the SAP SDN site that showcases how to bring SAP HANA data into Excel using the ODBO connector that would also hold true for PowerPivot scenarios at   It is actually very easy for a business user to do this themselves.  Take a peek for yourself.

SAP Hana Connectivity with Excel

In the field I am often asked why PowerPivot when I have SAP Business Objects, Excelsius or other SAP tools.  Excel is the business user analytics tool of choice – bar none.  Exporting to Excel is the #1 requirement of most BI tool evaluations.  PowerPivot is easy to learn.  PowerPivot is a powerful, in-memory analytics tool with exceptionally superior performance and data compression that can work with up to 100 million records on a desktop and can be upgraded in SharePoint with the SSAS Tabular upgrade wizard to take that business user’s model and now apply it to billions and trillions of records for a highly scalable, securable enterprise BI solution.  Lastly top of mind, PowerPivot is mobile device friendly and can display on iPads as well as tablets since it renders as HTML.

Many of my SAP customers are combining SAP with PowerPivot today as a “best of both” answer for real win-win with self-service BI needs.  PowerPivot gives them the ability to deliver actionable information much more quickly in an agile, practical, scalable, upgradable and secure manner.